Working with children / teens

When working with infants, toddlers, children & teens, most work is done remotely.  Energy work does not require one to be present either physically or virtually.  The session is done remotely then a detailed email is sent to the parents / guardians on what was found and released.  We can then set up a convenient time to discuss.  The child greatly benefits from this release / healing work.

There is so much going on today between COVID fears, isolation, social media, bullying and everything else that is interfering with our children’s lives and mindset.  It is such a gift to give them energy healing to clear out any fears, negativity, limiting beliefs, lack of self confidence, really anything that is holding them back from being the amazing person they were born to be.

Why wait until your child, grandchild, niece or nephew is old enough to start wondering why they feel or think the way they do, or why they have the physical ailments they have.  Before they start to have the mindset of what’s wrong with me, give them the gift of release & healing.