Relationship Healing

Past experiences, trauma & drama, even inherited negative emotions and energies can complicate relationships.

Using the Emotion Code & Body Code modalities we can get to the source of negative beliefs, low self confidence, anger & frustration (to name a few).  We can eliminate the “buttons” that are left over from past experiences that can then be triggered in the present.

Give yourself a clean slate, release the “buttons”.  Release what is holding you back from a loving relationship with yourself and with others.  You will be amazed at how strong your relationships can become.  You may also experience an inner “knowing” when a relationship may not be right for you, and have the confidence and grace to release it.

Have you, or someone you care about ever wondered why you keep picking the “wrong” guy/gal?  Most likely its due to negative trapped energies and emotions, even negative beliefs that you have adapted as your truth.

Heal the past, release what does not serve you and enjoy life!