Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies to help get to the core of your issues / ailments and release them.  Reiki will balance your Chakras and leave you feeling calm and give you great clarity.

Dr. Oz said, “Reiki is one of my favorites, we’ve been using it for years in the Oz family, and we swear by it.”

Using Reiki and Coaching together (start with a 30 minute Reiki session to lead into a 50 minute coaching session), allows core issues to be explored more easily while balancing your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies. The results are incredible! Combining Reiki with Life Coaching expedites the healing process so the tools you learn in coaching can be all the more effective.

“I’m a bit of a skeptic, but I have been amazed at the process.  As we walk through our lives so many layers are developed, I can feel Reiki washing those layers away and all of the negative energy associated with them.  I am feeling this amazing sense of calm and energy from the process.  I can’t wait to see where else it leads me to!”
Thank you Sue!” Hugs, Kate C


1 session $65