One on One Life Coaching

Available in person or over the phone, Zoom or FaceTime

A life coach is your accountability partner to help you facilitate the positive changes you want to see in your life in areas such as:  self confidence, relationships with family, friends & community, career, living a healthy lifestyle (healthy food & exercise lifestyle choices), finding your purpose, or discovering a new path.

Through coaching you will discover and uncover what is holding you back.  You will begin to see what patterns and habits in your life are not working for your highest good.  You will realize what is causing any fears or self debt, anxieties or feelings of lack.  There are many tools available to accomplish this and together we will find what tools are right for you.

We are present in this life to experience joy & abundance, it’s really all about perspective.  When you can change the perspective of your thoughts and what is going on in your life in this moment and in past experiences, you will be able to shift your consciousness to proactive and positive instead of reactive with feelings of lack and / or limiting beliefs.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to help you on your path of life.  As a coach I use my own past experiences, my certifications and collaborations with other professionals to give you the clarity needed to live in the best possible physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space.

“I can see how rewarding this must be for you – you assist in changing people’s lives in such a dramatic positive way.  I can not even imagine how my life would be without your guidance.”  BJ Naples, FL 


1 session $139
4 prepaid sessions $499

In-Person & Virtual Sessions Available

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