Genesis Gold®

How Genesis Gold® Helps You Heal

Keeps Your Hormones in Harmony®, Balances Your Brain Chemistry and Optimizes Your Immune Function

Heals Your Hypothalamus with a special blend of plant based amino acids

Provides whole plant food micronutrients to optimize your digestion and detoxification

Increases your energy by enhancing mitochondrial production

Improves your sleep by normalizing your circadian rhythm

Suggested Use for Genesis Gold®:

One 12 gram scoop is average dose for 150 pound person. Take more or less according to your weight (about 1/3 scoop per 50 pounds of body weight) Take in the morning mixed in water.

An excerpt from the Hormones in Harmony book by Deborah Maragopoulos FNP “The Hormone Queen”

…Finally, I had something to feed my patients to heal them from the inside out.

 Genesis Gold is the foundational formula I was searching for to fill in the micronutrient holes in my patients’ diets to optimize their hypothalamus, to balance their hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune function, to improve their digestion and absorption, to optimize their detoxification pathways and energy production.

 Genesis Gold became the Yellow Brick Road that led my patients and me to optimal health…..

A testimonial from me “My husband and I no longer take the multitude of supplements we have been taking to stay in good health and age powerfully, not just gracefully.  I am off my bio identical hormones, feel better, sleep better and have more energy!  One 4 oz glass first thing in the morning and off you go!”