The REAL effect of social media on kids

The REAL effect of social media on kids

By admin on May 10, 2023

New guidelines just came out from the government on what age children should have a phone and/or be on social media.

We don’t need the government to give us permission to expose our children to what is on social media and/or the bullying that is happening on different platforms. We, as parents, need to put our full attention on this issue and be role models for our children.

If you are always on your phone, your children will be.

If you are always commenting about social media posts, posting yourself, or reposting, your children will be.

Here are some of the imbalances that were caused by a young teenager, one who regularly gets energy healings / releases so is a little ahead of the game:

All 3 stress hormones had to be released: cortisol, adrenaline & noradrenalin. Think of what that is doing to our children.

The amygdala (fight or flight center of the brain), the Basal Ganglia (involved with processing information and planning actions to achieve the best outcomes), and the Medulla portion of the brain (associated with maintaining vital body functions, breathing & heart rate) were affected.

There were post hypnotic suggestions that needed to be released along with many trapped emotions and heart wall emotions in various parts of the body.

Social Media and bullying have become expected, it is almost a right of passage for children and teens.

When will this stop?

If you, your family members, or friends have been affected by social media or are addicted to it, energy work can help. Please educate yourself on this work and help our future generations walk in their truth rather than walk in fear and unworthiness that social media can breed.

Sue Campanella
Transformations Life Coaching & Healing, LLC

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