The importance of your immune system

The importance of your immune system

By admin on September 13, 2021

Our immune system always plays a major role in our lives.

Think about this for a minute, or two:  what would your life look like today if your immune system was working half as well as it is now?

Some of us have great working immune systems, some of us have compromised immune systems.  Wherever your immune system is at there are steps we can take to increase its function.

One of the number one reasons for a compromised immune system?


What is bringing on so much stress these days?  Fear

There is no reason to live in fear.  Whatever is bringing you fear, empower yourself against it.  Go to proven sources, the news and social media may not always be the best choice.  Do your due diligence, don’t rely on others doing it for you.

Find a way to remove the stress from your life.

When our immune system is limited, we are limited.

There are some stressors we really cannot hide from, and that is where the many energetic tools that are out there come in to play to release it.  Such as:


Emotion code

Bode code





We are put on this planet to live a joyful, abundant life – not to live in stress.  However, stress is mainstream now more than ever.  You don’t have to adapt to this negative belief system.  We do not need to allow stress in, we need to make good choices and use tools to help relieve stress.

Don’t know where to start?  For every negative thought – replace it with a positive thought, the rest will follow.

Love & Light

Sue Campanella

CTACC, CBCP 401-225-1693

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