Resolution vs manifestation

Resolution vs manifestation

By on January 2, 2022

Do New Year’s Resolutions work for you?

Why are New Year’s Resolutions important?

We need to have clarity on what we want and, also, what we do not want.  Manifesting happens when we have clarity, intention, and action steps.  (oh yea, and house cleaning!)

Many of us write our resolutions on a piece of paper, which then usually ends up in a drawer somewhere.  As the year goes on, we forget we made them, then stumble upon the paper while looking for something else and realize we have either forgotten what we wanted, or did nothing but write it down once and forget about it.  (sound familiar?)

Let’s change that!

This year, let’s really bring intention and action steps to our resolutions.  Why not change the word resolution to intention, or better yet, manifestation.  Changing the word can change the energy for you and pave the way to success.

When writing out your resolution / intention / manifestation, take time to imagine how it will feel.  How do you want to feel moving forward?  How do you feel now?

If you have any feelings such as fear, self doubt, feeling not worthy or not good enough – write those down.  Next write action steps that you can take to release these feelings.  These feelings are not the true you, they are not the you, you were born to be.  Reach into your tool box for ways to release, or learn new tools.

Once you have “cleaned house” on the emotions that no longer serve you, literally clean house.  Look around you, what is not serving you in the material sense?

Do you have clothes in your closet or drawers that you haven’t worn because someday you may be that size again?  Do you have accessories you just don’t use anymore, kitchen items that are in the back of the pantry, china you never use anymore?  Donate, sell or dispose of these items.  Clearing the clutter allows new energy and manifesting to happen.

In fact there is a Feng Shui ritual to help with this.  It may sound extreme at first read, but it will feel amazing when completed and open up your universe to attracting that which you seek.

Each day for 9 days in a row, eliminate 27 items.  Sounds crazy?  No!  Look at your spice rack, how many spices are expired.  Look at your wardrobe, how many items have not been worn in a year or maybe even longer?  Look at your basement, attic, garage.  Shake up your world, your energy, move out the old, tired energy to make room for exciting, new energy!

Once you have eliminated, watch your space be filled by purposeful, feel-good things.  Nature does not like it when there are empty spaces.  The Universe will be focused on filling up those empty spaces.  This is where your resolutions / intentions / manifestations come in.  Be sure to have clarity on what you want to bring in before doing this ritual – we want to attract abundance in positive ways.

Do your homework before or during those 9 days.  What is it that you want?  More importantly, again, how do you want to feel?

Write down those feelings.  Write down the accomplishments you want – don’t’ worry about the details, that’s the universe’s job.

Once your list is done (Now remember, New Year’s is not the only time for this.  Don’t overwhelm yourself, make your list short so you can focus on the action steps.  Once you see the changes occurring in your life, make another list!)  Visualize, visualize, visualize!

First thing in the morning before your feet hit the floor and last thing at night when your head hits the pillow – visualize what you are manifesting.  Visualize what life will be like, HOW YOU WILL FEEL.  Make this a habit just like brushing your teeth.

Then watch the magic happen.

Remember, we are still cleaning out what no longer serves you.  If you are saying, all sounds good Sue, but this never works for me.  Then you have some emotional house cleaning to do.

No matter your childhood, we have all been wounded one way or another when we were children.  This shapes our ability for self love, for knowing that we deserve the best, for letting go of “shit happens….” mentality, and whatever else your mind chatter is telling you.  Our beliefs are interpreted through the mind of our childhood self.  Release those limiting beliefs, heal the inner child.

The only block to your manifestation is your mind chatter.  Worry is the process of actively visualizing what you don’t want.  What is the ratio of worry vs positive visualization in your life?  Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s what we learned, it’s been passed down to us generation by generation.  Now we are re-learning to live the life we were born to live!

Are you ready?  Let’s go!

Stayed tuned for information on the upcoming mastermind class on intentional living.

Love & Light


Sue Campanella
January 2022

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