Now’s the Time

Now’s the Time

By admin on March 29, 2020

You are doing a great job trying to abide by the social distancing rules, staying home and keeping your spirits up.

COVID-19 has become our Kryptonite but we can all don our superman / superwomen capes to fight and regain our freedom once again.  There are many modalities out there that can help keep your immune system up and also help heal you from the Corona Virus.  As an example, Biofeedback has the codes for the Corona Virus and Firefly Within is offering a free bio feedback session for anyone who has tested positive.

You know one of my favorite modalities is tapping, please continue to tap to ease your fears and anxieties as that can lower your immune system.  Emotion Code can release trapped emotions surrounding the unknown of the virus and quarantine time and the Body Code can find imbalances in your body to keep your body strong.  Did you know that your spirit body has a huge impact on your immune system?  If your spirit body is not 100% attached to your physical body, your immune system is not working at its optimal performance.

Now’s the time to check off things on your to do list and your bucket list.  The list of what we need to do by washing our hands, etc, has circulated a lot and for good reason.  Let’s also start to circulate what we can do that takes us away from thinking about or discussing COVID-19, even if just for half an hour.

Now’s the time to:

  • Clean your closets
  • Paint a room or two in your house
  • Write that book you have always said you would write
  • Get in touch with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Zoom & FaceTime are great for getting together with friends for a Tuesday Tea, Sunday Brunch or Virtual Game Night.
  • Learn about crystals or essential oils
  • Learn a language
  • Dance
  • Color
  • Paint
  • Read or re-read that great book
  • Learn to cook

This is a time for rebirth.  Take your rebirth as seriously as we have to take the Corona Virus.  If you feel it’s time to reflect and go within, do it now.  If you feel its time to get to know your inner child better, be silly, be inquisitive, be creative, the time is now.

You will get through this, we all will get through this.  Look at all of the beautiful, amazing acts of kindness throughout the planet that are happening now.  Be a part of this movement.  What can you do to brighten someone’s day?  Maybe that someone is you – if so, create flow & movement in your life as we have to stay in place.  YouTube is a great way to learn something.  Always wanted to try Pilates?  There’s a video for that.  Want to organize your drawers and closets like Kon Mari?  There’s a video for that.

Now is your time – focus on that, focus on what you have control over – who knows what you may find out about yourself or a friend or family member!  The elders are shuttered in place, now is the time that they would love to tell you the story of their life.  Write it down, take notes so you can pass it along to the next generation (or even write a book about it!).

We will all be OK, you will be OK.

Blessings to everyone.  I am here to help you through in any way I can.

Love & Light,

Sue Campanella

Transformations Life Coaching

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