Finding Your Truth

Finding Your Truth

By admin on March 2, 2020

Finding your truth – you have heard that before right?    But…. What the heck is my truth?

The answer is easy.  Your truth is who you were born to be.  Your truth is:

  • To feel great
  • To be happy
  • To experience joy on a daily basis
  • To live in abundance
  • To allow stressful situations to happen but not stay with you, change you
  • And so much more! (Just think of babies, the sheer joy they have just looking at their parents, the joy for life, for learning, for loving!)

I felt the need to share this as so many clients are writing to me, some even after just one Emotion or Body Code session saying how great they feel.  How relaxed, how happy, less stressed, the list goes on.

Sitting contemplating all of these beautiful stories, it hit me.  Your truth is that we are all put on this planet to experience beauty, joy, love, all the wonderful things that are here to experience.  THAT IS OUR TRUTH!  THAT IS YOUR TRUTH!

Think about how you are living your truth.  Are you trying to dig out from under all the sh@&t people in your life have put on you?

Our parents did the best they could in raising us.  But, they had their own stuff, programming, whatever you want to call it, from their parents and their life stories.  Our relatives, teachers, friends, the media, all of the thousands and thousands of people that have put their little bit of sh@&t on us….. Well, that’s a lot of sh@&t!  and that’s how we lose our truth, the real us.

Get your truth back!

How?  Release & Heal.  My clients have had success with the Emotion & Body code sessions given to them.  There are so many modalities out there, find one, or two and stick with them.  You will be able to uncover, discover and LOVE the REAL you – living your TRUTH!

It’s truly amazing!  I highly recommend it!

Love & Light,

Sue Campanella

Transformations Life Coaching

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