Children and the Pandemic

Children and the Pandemic

By admin on September 22, 2020

How can we help our little ones and teens get through this pandemic without any “scars” or PTSD?  It is hard enough for us as adults to keep our stress levels low, and to adapt to the ever changing “new normal”.

For children who are like sponges and look to us for guidance and answers, this can be a very stressful time.  It can even alter their personalities, perspectives and self confidence.  Add to the pandemic the chaotic political atmosphere and it will be a small miracle for all these kids not to end up in therapy in their 30s trying to figure life out.  (Just think of the potential for germaphobia)

I was at the beach this summer when a mother was leaning over to her 4 year old daughter and said:  “now stay away from people, they are dangerous”.  I knew what the mom meant, but think about that lasting impression on the 4 year old little girl:  PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS.

So many children have not been allowed to see grand parents and other role models and mentors in their lives.  They have not been able to play with their friends, or have the opportunity to make new friends.  They have had to hamper their evolving social skills.  Now with school starting and no one knowing whether it will be in person learning, virtual learning, or a hybrid (seems to change on a daily basis), children have little to no stability or routine.  Sports are cut dramatically, no recess, eat at your desk, wear a mask, etc etc.

What can we do?  Energy healing is the answer.  There are so many modalities of energy healing around, please find one for the children in your life.  What is so great about energy healing is that it is not “talk therapy”.  The child/teen does not have to sit still in front of an adult he or she may or may not know and talk about things.  With energy healing you ask the body what it needs to heal and the body, via the subconscious mind, will tell you exactly what it needs to release.  Energy healing is just as effective remotely as it is in person.  You can release negative emotions and energies, stress, loneliness, fear…

The Emotion Code & Body Code are perfect examples of how energy healing can help keep kids in a positive energy flow, releasing all that does not serve them.   This is a great gift to give to any child/teen.

Some side affects of Emotion & Body Code: better sleep, more focus, positive attitudes, less temper tantrums, removal of stress & fear, it has even helped clear acne!

If you need more information on how you can help a child/teen close to your heart, lets set up a time for a complimentary consultation to see if Emotion & Body Code are just what your loved one needs.

Love & Light,

Sue Campanella

Transformations Life Coaching


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