Anger, hurt, resentment – forgiveness?

Anger, hurt, resentment – forgiveness?

By admin on June 14, 2022

Its all about perspective.

What is forgiveness? We find it so hard to forgive as most of us have a little voice in our head that says if you forgive, that means the other(s) is off the hook, somehow you are saying its OK that you hurt me.

Let’s change the word forgiveness to release.

To be able to move forward from anger, hurt, resentment, violation, we really do need to release it from our conscious mind, our energy field, our bodies, our negative mind chatter. We can trick our minds to think that we have “gotten over it”, only for it to pop up days, months sometimes years later through our actions, inactions, fears, and decisions.

Not to mention the impact the energy of the anger, hurt, resentment has on our physical,
emotional, spiritual and mental being. When we have the negative energies and emotions of a hurtful event, it eventually will cause vulnerability in our bodies, showing up in all forms of ill health, both mentally & physically. This can cause chronic pain, disease, mood shifts, depression, anxiety and more.

How do we avoid that?

Healing of course.

Wayne Dyer: “When you are told that you have some kind of physical (or emotional) affliction, you can
either prepare to suffer or prepare to heal”

With healing comes changing your perspective. Our minds get trained to continuously go down a
certain pathway, our habits & patterns take hold which ignites our negative mind chatter which keeps us in a state of fight or flight, of defensiveness, of anger, hurt, fear.

Change your perspective. Example: If you are involved in a breakup whether from a brief relationship or decades long marriage, the hurt is front and center. Look at it from another perspective – were you just living in your uncomfortable comfort zone because its what you know? Is it easier to go through life without the love, respect, joy, abundance we all deserve than to realize this relationship is not filling your cup? Not serving you? Sometimes we don’t see that until we are forced to. However, the anger, hurt pain can be so profound we just can’t see our way through it.

Questions for yourself: What did that relationship give me? What was it lacking? What was I afraid of?

What was truth was I hiding?

Is the reason for this jolt of reality to awaken you to your highest good? Its hard to look at loss like that, but in reality; that is usually what it is. Your higher self is tired of giving you nudges and gives you a big (painful) shove. This is the time to look at what you want and don’t want out of life. This is the time where you can become the person you were born to be instead of the person life experiences and peoples’ limiting beliefs molded you to be.

No matter how hard we try, we cannot change the past – only learn from it. Our past experiences are
pushing us towards our greatest self. Remember, the past can be as quick as a minute ago, or as long
ago as your childhood. We have this moment to manifest a brilliant life! Start with how you want to feel everyday when you wake up, half way through the day, going to sleep – how do you want to feel
everyday of your life?

Start your new perspective with a feeling(s), then little action steps to feel that feeling(s). You need to retrain your brain to not go down that pathway that it is so comfortable to go down. The “comfort” feeling is only there because its what you know. Shake it up! Venture into the unknown – get to really know yourself!

You can do this!

Its time to live your best life!

Love, light & healing,
Sue Campanella

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