Transformations Life Coaching & Healing

Sue Campanella, CTACC, CBCP

Belief, Body & Emotion Code, Life Coach, Author,
Reiki Master, Jesus Codes, Seraphim Blueprint

“When you are in your heart you will believe, when you believe, you will succeed!”

Our Services

One on One Coaching

Redesign your life to live with purpose and intentionality.  Discover what you really want from life and get it!

The Body Code

The Body Code will give you the life you have been hoping for.  Balance is key.  When the body is in balance, miracles happen!
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The Belief Code

Release limiting and negative beliefs to clear your path to true happiness and success!

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It takes a village! There are alternative ways to heal the body, mind, soul; naturally, effectively,

Practicing the Belief, Body & Emotion Code modalities along with other energy medicine, Sue’s healing
practice is recommended by a range of doctors from cardiologists to chiropractors to be a part of
the village of healing for their patients.

Energy medicine detects and heals the root of your health challenge; this is how true healing begins!

Combining energy medicine with coaching helps to identify the habits & patterns that are not in
alignment with who we want to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Release trapped
emotions, old programming and belief systems along with imbalances in the body to allow you to
move forward on your path.

You don’t have to feel stuck, or carry the heaviness that life sometimes brings.  You don’t have to be
void of joy or happiness.  You don’t have to continue to deal with constant physical issues or mental
health issues.

Life is a journey; progress is a journey.  Positive change won’t happen overnight, but it won’t
happen at all if you don’t start.

It’s time to be the YOU, you were born to be!